Welcome to Sector Wars - a previously unreleased Atari 8-bit video game.

Sector Wars Title Screeb Flagship / Mothership sector Demon Ship sector Gorf-like Flagship Sector

Sector Wars is a previously unreleased Atari 8-bit computer video game from 1985 written in 100% assembly language.

The game was completed in the mid 80's in all respects apart from the 'game over' sequence. Discussions had started with an 8-bit software house ('The English Software Company') but the game was never released due to a collapse in the gaming market.

Sector Wars will run on most Atari 400/800/XL/XE emulators either on a Windows, Linux, or DOS platform.

The game will be released for download in the near future. The game will be free although voluntary donations to a children's charity would be greatly welcomed. As soon as the target amount is raised I will upload the image for download.

Please feel free to Donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust Now ---- Alternatively you may read more about the charity.

Some of the assembly source code will also be released.

Please watch this space for an update. Game features include: